The Parents’ Role

One parent is designated the "practice parent" and attends their child’s lesson to take notes for practice. Children do not practice on their own and will not remember everything that was assigned at the lesson.

For each lesson, please bring a notebook, large notepad, or binder for recording assignments, observations and practice. This is like a diary for you and your child! Here, you will write tasks to do, additional questions you have, and can record your efforts in daily practice. Students love looking through past hearts and smilely faces you drew together on a particular happy practice or lesson day. It's a way for them to see their progress on paper and begin those steps toward ownership and responsibility, when they will write assignment notes.

I do not recommend keeping notes on a phone since it is not readily available for the child. However, phones are great for recording short videos of new assignments. This helps avoid arguments on exactly how to accomplish the task.

Please avoid the distractions of email, texts or making phone calls during the lesson. Not only will you miss the point of the task at hand, you will have shown your child you do not value their lesson time.

This is an activity you do with your child. While it won't be easy every day, it should be a rewarding part of your relationship for years to come!