Parent Training

While you are completing the minimum lesson observation, you will complete 4 one-hour lessons. These may be one-on-one or shared with other new parents.

These lessons will cover the Suzuki philosophy and fundamental Twinkle skills so that you can properly aid your child in practice. Don't worry, you don't have to be perfect and prior skills are not needed! It is important to know how to create good posture, where to play on the piano and how to re-create the assignments demonstrated in the lesson.

During this time, you can establish a habit of daily listening and practice time with your child. At first, the practice time is just an activity for you and your child, i.e. putting together a puzzle, reading, artwork, etc. It should be 10-20 minutes at the same time each day. Consistency is the key to progress, so knowing the best time to work one-on-one with your child is paramount.

Getting a Piano

You will need an acoustic piano. Often parents want to see if their child is interested before making the investment. My most successful families commit to piano lessons until middle school before asking the child if they wish to continue. This allows an informed decision at an appropriate age.

Even with weighted keys and pedals, a digital keyboard does not produce the same touch or sound as a live acoustic piano. I am happy to help you find a suitable option within your budget. You should expect to invest $3-5K in a decent, acoustic upright piano. There are rent-to-own options and good, used pianos for less out there!