Every Child Can!

Why go through with all the effort of educating a child unless you firmly believe in their great and wondrous ability to learn? Every child learns to speak his native language. No child falls down 99 times and thinks, "Maybe walking isn't for me."

Dr. Suzuki made this wonderful realization and applied it to music education. Every child has an innate ability to learn, thus your child's musical talent is a direct reflection of their rich, musical environment and the quality of effort put toward it. "Ability = knowledge plus 10,000 repetitions." Some researchers say 10,000 hours. Both agree that talent is not simply an innate ability - every child can learn to a high ability!

Some parents are uncertain, approaching lessons with the thinking, "We'll try it to see if my child likes it" or "I'll invest in a real piano when they've shown me they'll practice." This approach can convey a lack of value for musical study and your child's interest will mirror your priorities. The hesitation and doubt, unintentionally expressed, often leads to frustration, becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy. 

The happiest and most successful music students have parents who openly share their enjoyment of music and provide a positive, but disciplined environment to support their long-term growth. These families reap the rewards that come naturally when parents fully invest their attention, organization, creativity and growth-mindset to music lessons. These are the students that develop the skills to excel in any discipline they choose. These students will always have music for enjoyment and use as an outlet for expression.

Create in your child a love of learning. Enter my studio with the belief that your child will love what they do and achieve at the highest levels. Be prepared to support their long-term growth.