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Who can register for the class?

Any child between the age of 3 and 5. Geared toward readiness, this class is a time for parents to decide if the Suzuki method is the right fit for their family. Each child must be accompanied by a parent/adult. If they have younger siblings, you will need to arrange for childcare so that you may fully engage with your child. Your constant model of the behavior and participation you wish to see is a vital component to their interest.

Age 6 is ready for individual lessons and, if you are uncertain you are ready to commit to lessons, I recommend observing individual lessons for a few weeks to spark interest in your child and learn more about the Suzuki method.

When is the class?

Dependent upon interest, minimum of three students required to start a session. Classes can only be scheduled on a weekday morning.

Where is the class?

Get directions to Charlotte's Piano Studio on Google.

How long is the class?

Each class is 50 minutes. Each session runs for six weeks. 

How much is enrollment?

Each six week session is $100. Refunds/make-ups cannot be given for missed classes as this instruction depends on group attendance.

How big is the class?

Class size is limited to six. A minimum of three students is required for class availability.

Will my child be ready for individual lessons after one Kickstart session?

It depends on the child and the parent's ability to commit to lessons and home practice. You are encouraged to register for multiple sessions throughout the year to continue providing as many stepping stones to readiness as your child needs. Each session will help a child feel more confident, improve their basic skills, and allow a parent to prepare for buying a piano/scheduling lessons/a home practice routine.

Remember that this is a group class. Activities range from listening and games to group play (on pianos and rhythm instruments) and mini individual lessons, which means there is sitting and observing while others take turns at the piano. Do not underestimate the value of observing other children at the piano! If your child has difficulty sitting and listening, this is an opportunity to work on that vital skill.

How will I know my child is ready to progress to individual 30 minute lessons?

At the conclusion of each session, I will follow up with each parent privately on the readiness of their child and my recommendation. As I evaluate a child's readiness, I am assessing various skills:

  1. Social - Ability to listen and follow instructions, sit/play cooperatively with the teacher and other students, and demonstrate respect for others and materials.
  2. Physical - Exhibit self-controlled large motor skills including balance (bowing, posture) and small motor skills (guiding movement of specific fingers).
  3. Musical - Identify alphabet letters, high/low, loud/soft, fast/slow, sing with pitch, and move to rhythm.

What materials do I need for the class?

No extra materials are required. I do suggest purchasing the Suzuki Piano Book 1 CD by Kataoka and purchasing a Music Mind Games Puppy Packet. I have individual Puppy Packet items available for purchase in the studio. These materials will allow students to start listening (the more you listen, the faster you progress!) and allow for playing the theory games at home. I would also suggest parents read Ability Development From Age Zero by Suzuki.

Do we need a piano at home?

Putting a piano in your home will absolutely strengthen your child's musical environment and encourage their curiosity. However, it is not required for your first introduction class. If you plan to take multiple sessions, I am happy to answer questions about finding, purchasing and maintaining a piano.



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Sign up!

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